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Ted English came to the Black Hills, from Philadelphia, PA, in June, 2000.  After a year in Rapid City, he couldn't find a cheesesteak like anything back home. South Dakota just didn't have that "big city sandwich like he was used to." He concluded, why not start my own steak shop?

Having limited funds, and no history in the area, Ted needed a business partner. He called a long-time friend for help who didn't hesitate to offer his backing and said, "Go for it" which is exactly what Ted did.

Many questions arose. Having never previously worked in a restaurant, Ted was starting at square one. He had to figure out what meat to use, which roll is best, use Whiz or white cheese? No matter what, it all had to be quality. He set out to make the best sandwich possible.

On September 29th, 2001, Philly Ted's Cheezsteaks opened on the west side of Rapid City. The first shop, near Canyon Lake, operated through 2004. This location lacked visibility, and a move was made to shop on Lacrosse Street. Today, Ted’s is open at 502 Main Street and also has a food truck. Ted’s uses only fresh-carved steak meat, sliced thin, and put on a fresh baked roll. Cheez Whiz is the cheese of choice, but others can be substituted..

No where, this side of Philadelphia, can you find a better, more authentic Philly Cheesesteak.